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Privacy e cookie (GDPR)

1.How we use information about you

We use information about you in many different ways, depending on the type of information. The following tables show in detail what we do and why we do it.

Name and contact details

How we use your name and contact detailsWhy?
To send you the products you have purchasedWe must do this to fulfill the contract with you (it's a bit difficult to send the order without using your name and contact details!)
To send you service messages, such as order updates, via sms, e-mail or our appWe must do this to fulfill the contract with you (so you will know when the order is delivered)
Sending information about new products and services by e-mail, text message or postPer tenerti aggiornato. Te le invieremo solo con la tua autorizzazione 
Fraud prevention and detectionTo keep you updated. We will send them to you only with your authorization
Displaying advertisements while browsing the webSo you can see our latest products and offers
Know what you like and other customersTo be sure to give you what you want and overcome the competition

Date of birth

Come usiamo la tua data di nascita Why?
How we use your date of birthTo prevent and detect frauds against you or KEREK (it is not pleasant, but it is absolutely essential)
Sending promotional codeKereK is made of people and with a small message you will receive our Happy Birthday Greetings as well as a personalized discount code to be used for your purchases on our portals


How we use information about sexWhy?
To direct you to the correct section of our websiteTo show you more quickly the products that interest you

Payment information

This means that we will not keep your card security/CVV code, do not worry

How we use payment informationWhy?
To accept payments and make refundsWe must do this to fulfill the contract with you (we do not give our products!)
Fraud prevention and detection and chargebackTo prevent and detect frauds against you or KEREK (it is not pleasant, but it is absolutely essential)

Contact history

Everything you've told us, for example by phone, instant chat or social media.

How we use contact historyWhy?
To provide customer support and assistanceWe have to do it to fulfill the contract with you (after all, you expect the best service from us)
Train our staffSo, when you contact us, you receive the best possible assistance

Order history and saved products

Your purchases and products saved in the cart for another time

How we use the history of purchases and saved productsWhy?
To send you the productsWe must do this to fulfill the contract with you (if you do not put the products in the cart you can not buy them!)
To provide assistance and support to the customer and to manage returnsWe must do this to fulfill the contract with you
Know what you like and other customersTo be sure to give you what you want and overcome the competition

Information about your mobile or laptop and using our website and app

The information you provide when you browse our site or use the app, including the IP address and device type and, if you choose to share them, the location and how you use our website and app.

How we use information related to mobile or laptop and use of our website and appWhy?
To improve our website and your default setting options (such as language and currency)To offer you the best shopping experience possible
Protection of our websiteTo prevent and detect fraud against you or KEREK (it is not pleasant, but it is absolutely essential) and comply with legal data protection obligations

Information about the accounts you link to KEREK

The way we manage the links of your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat or other Social accounts.

How we use the account information you link to KEREKWhy?
To allow you to access our website easily and conveniently without having to create a specific accountTo make it easier to use and buy the items you want!
To provide product recommendationsIn this way you can more easily identify the articles that interest you

Information of Marketplace accounts synced to KEREK

The way we manage your accounts on the Marketplace (e.g., eBay)

How we use information from Marketplace accounts synced to KEREKWhy?
To allow you to access our website easily and conveniently without having to create a specific accountKerek uses advanced and synchronized computer systems and to this end the eBay customer will automatically be registered to the site to manage their Orders, send the Traking Code, generate the Fiscal Invoices, Complaints and Refunds and ADV. This information is expressed in the "Terms and conditions of sale", in the "Return Policy" and in the body of each listing on our eBay Store, with a URL that refers to the complete rules on
And by making a purchase on our MarketPlace you accept all terms of sale. The customer can independently manage his personal area, modifying his data as well as having the possibility to cancel his account from our site by clicking on the appropriate button (Drop My Account) after login on

All information and personal data are governed by current regulations regarding privacy and confidentiality.

Fraud prevention and detectionTo prevent and detect frauds against you or KEREK (it is not pleasant, but it is absolutely essential)

Answers to surveys, contests and promotions

How we use your responses to surveys, contests and promotionsWhy?
To carry out the survey, the competition or the promotionWe must do this to fulfill the contract with you (if we can not use your answers, you have no chance of winning!)

You are not required to provide us with any of this personal information, but if you do not, you can not purchase from the site and it is likely that you will not be able to use our exceptional customer experience. But this is your choice, and we respect it.

We anonymize and aggregate personal information (so you can not be identified) and we use it for purposes such as testing our computer systems, researching, analyzing data, improving site and app and developing new products and services. Furthermore, we communicate this information to third parties.


2.Sharing information about you

We do not sell, and we will not sell your personal data to third parties (including your name, home address, e-mail address, and credit card or PayPal details). We want to earn and maintain your trust and we believe that this is absolutely essential to do so.

However, we must communicate your data to the following categories of companies in order to provide you with our services, as provided in this statement.

■ KEREK group companies, because sometimes different branches of our group are responsible for different activities (especially if licensed)
■ Companies that operate to enable us to send you the products you have purchased, such as payment service providers, warehouses, packaging companies, and order dispatch.
■ Professional service providers, such as marketing agencies, advertising partners and website hosts who work with us on our business
■ Credit rating, law enforcement agencies and fraud prevention agencies to help counter fraudulent activities
■ Companies that you approve, such as social media sites (if you choose to link your accounts to KEREK), sellers in the Marketplace where you place an order.

We can provide third parties with aggregate and anonymised information and analytical data from our customers and, before doing so, we will make sure that they can not be identified.

3.Commercial communications

During the registration process you are automatically registered to commercial communications by e-mail, text message or post to let us know our services and help you to see and find our products.

What to do to stop receiving commercial communications from

You can opt out of receiving any commercial communications from KEREK at any time.

You can do it:

■ From your account settings
■ By clicking on the "delete" link present in all emails
■ Contacting Customer Support

At this point, we will update your profile to make sure you do not receive commercial communications anymore.

KEREK is a complex site consisting of many interconnection services, so it may take a few days for all systems to update and you may continue to receive communications as we process your request.

The interruption of receiving communications will not affect service communications (such as updates on orders or the expression of an interest in a KEREK activity).

What to do to stop receiving commercial communications from the KEREK Marketplace

KEREK Marketplace is an integrated system managed by KereK and for the customer the same provisions as above are valid.

If you are one of our partners, you will automatically receive a newsletter from Marketplace with personalized content tailored to your business. If you decide that you no longer wish to receive commercial communications from the Marketplace, you can contact our dedicated customer service and request cancellation from the newsletter dedicated to Partners.

4.Viewing KEREK online advertisements

We also use online advertising, to let you know our services and help you see and find our products.

As adopted by many companies, you can receive and view KEREK banners and advertisements when you are on other websites and apps. We do this by using different digital marketing networks and exchanges, and we use a range of advertising technologies such as beacons, pixels and tags, cookies and mobile device identifiers, as well as specific services offered by some sites and social networks, such as the personalized audience of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The banners and advertisements you will see will be based on information we hold about you or your past use of KEREK (for example, the history of your searches and the content you read on KEREK) or on KEREK banners and advertisements on which you have previously clicked on.

5.Your information and non-European countries

KereK sells both in Italy, Europe and the world. And of any country you are a part of, you will always be protected. Although there is no European Commission decision regarding the level of protection in the United States, we protect your privacy and your rights by applying the standard data protection provisions of the European Commission.

6.Management of personal information

We only store your personal information in a digital manner for the performance of services until your account exists or for the period necessary to provide the services or (in the event that you contact Customer Service) for the time necessary to generate only the trend analysis and service related reports.

Also, if reasonably necessary or required to comply with legal or regulatory requirements, resolve disputes, prevent fraudulent behavior and abuse or to enforce our terms and conditions, we may retain some of your personal information even after you have terminated your account or our services. they are no longer required.

You can access your private area at any time and delete your account together with your data by simply clicking on a special button called: DROP MY ACCOUNT or DELETE ACCOUNT

It will not be possible to register again to the sites managed by KereK with the same email.

7.Your rights

You have many rights regarding your personal information:

■ The right to be informed when your information is used
■ The right to access your personal information that we hold about you, through your KereK control panel
■ The right to request the correction of inaccurate personal information that is in our possession (although, you can change most of them from My account)
■ The right to request the deletion of your data or the interruption of their use or collection, in some cases
■ The right to discontinue the receipt of direct business communications (which you can make from My account) and to revoke at any time the authorization to process the data for other activities for which it is necessary.
■ The right to request that we transfer or carry portions of your data to you or another service provider
■ The right to complain before the responsible for privacy (Italian)


If you want to exercise your rights, if you have any complaints or questions, contact us.

8.Changes to privacy protection

From time to time we can make changes to this page, so that it complies with our data processing methods.

In the case of significant changes, we will highlight them on the website and in other KEREK services or by other means of contact such as e-mail, SMS, mail so that you can review these changes before continuing to use KEREK.


We use technical and profiling cookies on our website. Cookies allow a better browsing experience within the website, showing and remembering the contents you want to see. They can be deleted at any time by accessing the settings of your browser.

Cos'è un "cookie"

Un cookie è un breve testo inviato al tuo programma di navigazione internet (browser) dal sito visitato che consente di memorizzare informazioni sulla tua visita, quali per esempio la tua lingua preferita o gli elementi aggiunti al carrello.
Questo consente di facilitare la tua visita successiva e aumentare l'utilità del sito a tuo favore svolgendo un ruolo importante; senza di essi l'utilizzo del web sarebbe un'esperienza molto più difficoltosa.
Per avere ulteriori informazioni sui cookie consigliamo di visitare la pagina web preposta sul sito del garante della privacy o sul sito (in lingua inglese).

Cookies can be disabled or removed using the tools available in most browsers. Cookie preferences must be set separately for each used browser, as each of them offers specific features and options.

Specific browser instructions to block and / or remove cookies

Cookie di statistica - analytics

I cookie di statistica sono cookie messi a disposizione da terze parti in forma aggregata e senza incrocio dei dati con la finalità di gestione di statistiche. Tali cookie raccolgono informazioni sull’utilizzo del sito web e sulle pagine visitate e non vengono utilizzati per identificare l’utente. Troverai di seguito il nome dei terzi che li gestiscono, e per ciascuno di essi il link alla pagina nella quale potrai ricevere le informazioni sul trattamento.

Cookie di profilazione pubblicitaria e retargeting

KereK può (eventualemte) collaborare con aziende terze, autorizzate a usare cookie, web beacon o tecnologie simili per archiviare dati. L’uso dei cookie di soggetti è disciplinato dalle Regole sulla Privacy di tali soggetti terzi. Ecco di seguito le Aziende Terze:

Cookie tecnici

Consentono al sito di ricordare le scelte fatte dall’utente e forniscono funzionalità avanzate personalizzate (come articoli scelti o visitati in precedenza per consigli su altri prodotti); possono essere utilizzati anche per ricordare le modifiche apportate alla dimensione del testo, font ed altre parti di pagine web che è possibile personalizzare.
Possono essere anche utilizzati per fornire servizi che hai richiesto come guardare un video; le informazioni raccolte da questo tipo di cookie possono essere rese anonime.

Performance cookie

Raccolgono informazioni su come gli utenti utilizzano un sito web, per esempio quali sono le pagine più visitare; tuttavia non raccolgono informazioni che identificano il visitatore in quanto tutti i dati raccolti sono aggregati e quindi anonimi.
Vengono utilizzati solo per migliorare il funzionamento di un sito web attraverso lo studio di dati statistici.

Altri servizi

Su KereK, e i suoi siti figli, possono essere presenti altri servizi in forma minore, la cui funzione si limita ad un semplice collegamento ad una funzione esterna. Per esempio la condivisione sui social network quali Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, ecc, o la visione di un video attraverso un player integrato di YouTube.
Noi non teniamo traccia alcuna di questo genere di attività, la cui unica funzione è quella di fornire una maggiore quantità d'informazioni sui prodotti presenti nel nostro catalogo ed un'esperienza utente più ampia, social e multimediale.

10.How and for how long your data will be kept

The retention of personal data will take place electronically and for the time strictly necessary to fulfill the purposes referred to in paragraph 1, in compliance with your privacy and current regulations.

A) In the case of non-registered / non-active users, we do not know any of your data because the browsing is anonymous, made for anonymous sharing of your cookies that you can remove falsely from the settings of your browser.

B) In case of inactivity of registered users, orders placed by customers and the content generated by the user will be retained for up to 36 months for reasons of security, prevention and moderation of content and / or conduct contrary to the conditions of the service and the rules KereK publications in order to ensure a better quality of the same, also in collaboration with the Authorities. The period is renewed / extended automatically at each access by the user in order to allow navigation, manage their data / prophylaxis and place orders within the KereK portal.

For purposes of analysis directed to the development and improvement of the service, the personal data of the user may be subject to the same retention period.

For direct marketing and profiling purposes we keep your data for a maximum period equal to that foreseen by the applicable legislation (respectively equal to 24 and 12 months).

C) Invoices, accounting documents and transaction data are stored for 11 years in accordance with the law (including tax obligations) in paper and / or electronic / informatics form.

D) In ​​the case of exercise of the right to be forgotten through the request for express cancellation or cancellation in an autonomous manner through the button made available in your control panel called "Delete my Account" or "Drop my Account" of personal data processed by holder, we remind you that such data will be stored, in a protected form and with limited access, solely for purposes of investigation and prosecution of crimes, for a period not exceeding 12 months from the date of the request and subsequently will be securely deleted or anonymized irreversible manner.

E) Finally, we remind you that for the same purposes, data relating to electronic traffic, excluding the contents of communications, will be kept for a period of no more than 6 years from the date of communication, pursuant to art. 24 of the Law n. 167/2017, which implemented the EU Directive 2017/541 on anti-terrorism.

11.Insights on Server and Provider ARUBA S.p.A.

SSL certificate
KereK uses the security protocol to avoid unauthorized disclosure or access to personal data transmitted.
(Insights: GDPR - Article 32, paragraph 2)

Redundant hardware
Redundancy also occurs at the single server level to further guarantee the resilience of the systems.
(Insights: GDPR - Article 32, paragraph 1, paragraph b)

Asynchronous replication
A physical copy of the data is updated every 10 minutes on a second storage on a different data center.
(Insights: GDPR - Article 32, paragraph 1, paragraph c)

Malware detection
Aruba S.p.A. puts constant monitoring of site vulnerabilities and immediate resolution.
(Insights: GDPR - Article 32, paragraph 1, paragraph d)

Daily update of operating systems
Aruba S.p.A. to ensure adequate security of personal data, including protection, through appropriate technical and organizational measures.
(Insights: GDPR - Article 5, paragraph 1, paragraph f)

Daily backup
Against the risk of accidental loss of personal data.
(Insights: GDPR - Article 5, paragraph 1, paragraph f)

Your data is in Italy
Aruba S.p.A. is an Italian company with registered office in Italy: your personal and administrative data are managed in Italy, in compliance with Italian and European laws. Aruba uses them exclusively to provide the services purchased. Your data is not sold to third parties, because our business is to provide hosting services and domains, not to do business using our customers' data.

Infrastructure security
The provider of and the data centers are Aruba and represent an excellence thanks to the maximum technology, certified safety standards and total respect for the environment. In this way we guarantee logical and physical security and the redundancy of all systems. Visit the data center security section.

12.How to contact us

We are always interested in the opinions of our customers (especially those who have been disappointed or think we could do better)


■ You have questions or suggestions regarding this communication
■ You want us to stop using your information again
■ You want to exercise your rights above, or for complaints

Contact Customer Service, who will be happy to answer all your questions.

You can contact our office responsible for privacy by sending an e-mail to or via Customer Service from the KEREK website. Or, if you prefer, you can write to us at:

Via Vittorio Emanuale, 201
94012 - Barrafranca (EN)