Pagamenti e Fatturazioni

1.Quali sono i metodi di pagamento accettati?

I metodi di pagamenti accettatti per tutti i prodotti in catalogo sono:

- PayPal
- Carta di credito o prepagata, tramite POS virtuale del circuito SSL/TLS di PayPal (quindi selezionare l'opzione PayPal durante il processo di pagamento - non è necessario essere registrati e avere un conto PayPal per utilizzare questo metodo di pagamento).
- *Bonifico Bancario/Postale
- *Ricarica postepay (presso un qualsiasi Centro Postale o Lottomatica)

Paga Sicuro e Protetto con PayPal

-  Contrassegno (solo se è presente ed attivo al momento del Check out nel riepilogo del carrello). Non è possibile richiedere in nessun modo il pagamento in contrassegno se non abilitato.

*Il cliente verrà a conoscenza delle credenziali di pagamento, solo dopo aver terminato la procedura di Check out del carrello.

2.Where can I find and how can I download the invoice for my purchases?

According to the art. 21 paragraph 4 of the D.p.r. 633/1972, KereK generates and issues (depending on the case) "immediate" or "deferred" invoices for all sales of movable goods and services in Italy and within the Community, whose shipment or delivery results from a transport document or from another document suitable to identify the subjects among whom the operation is carried out.

The issuance of the deferred invoice for taxable persons established in the territory of another Member State of the European Union, not subject to tax, is regulated pursuant to art. 7-ter of the Presidential Decree n. 633/1972.

In the case of Deferred Invoice (Fiscal Document), it will be issued and registered within the 15th day of the month following the month in which the goods are shipped / delivered or the services are actually performed, compared to that of payment registration. The day "order date" and the date "invoice date" will be indicated.

The sales document, therefore, will be available for download when the asset is found in Status "5. Delivered". Moreover, from now on you can download and print it from your personal area in the "Order History" section. This document demonstrates not only the receipt of payment but is valid for all those products that provide "warranty": Legal Warranty of Compliance as required by the Consumer Code (Articles 128 et seq.) And consumer protection in case of purchase of defective products, that work poorly or do not respond to the use declared by the seller or to which that good is generally intended ..

While the Accompanying Invoice / Delivery Note (accompanying bill) will be issued when your order is already in the status "2. Preparation in progress". This document not only indicates the Billing address and delivery address, but also indicates the following data:

- Order reference (or order number);
- Order's date;
- Carrier / Courier used;
- EAN / Cod. Art.
- Product name (s)
- Quantity;
- Payment method used by the buyer

Summarized in short, regardless of the payment method used, the Fiscal Document must be generated or contenstualmente to the payment order received or after the package is delivered (by the 15th day of the month following the delivery, but usually we fulfill the obligations tax within 24-48 working hours from delivery of the package with Status: 5. Delivered). In both cases, the Customer can download it from the Order History.

The cases described above are equally valid if you have chosen "CONTRASSEGNO" as the payment method. The invoice will be generated after you have paid the courier and the parcel has been delivered to you. The Customer can always download the Fiscal Document from the Order History.

NB: the cases described above do not exclude the notification of "1. Accepted Payment", which will take place with the classic e-mail sent to the recipient that can be consulted in "Historical Order" from its own control panel of the private area on KereK. The verification of the payment, by KereK, can also include 24 working hours to ascertain that there are no cases of "chargeback" and / or "fraud" to the detriment of the purchaser or KereK.


- We sell goods subject to the obligation to issue the accompanying note and we generate the document Bolla di Accompaniment and the Invoice accompanying, both that move the warehouse; moreover, some products can be ordered only on commission with an advance payment and may provide for more commission within the same month;
- We sell services, we need to keep track of what has been provided of the services provided by a contract in case you want to issue a deferred invoice.

What do we sell?

How do we track what I will have to invoice?


Goods subject to the obligation to issue doc. accompaniment

  • Accompanying bull
  • Accompanying invoice
  • Deferred invoice


  • Keep track of what has been delivered
  • Immediate invoice 
  • Deferred invoice


3.Se sbaglio ad inserire i dati posso richiedere la riemissione della fattura?

No, i nostri sistemi si basano su un procedimento automatico di emissione del documento di vendita, pertanto ti invitiamo a controllare attentamente i dati di fatturazione prima dell'invio dell'ordine.

4.Contrassegno e "Verifica Vero"

Se hai scelto la modalità di pagamento in Contrassegno, questa prevedere la "Verifica Vero", quindi riceverai in automatico un classico SMS al tuo cellulare con un codice. Questo codice dovrà essere inviato per email al nostro indirizzo:

Quindi nell'oggetto dell'email inserisci il codice che leggi nell'SMS ed inviala. Ciò consente l'evasione dell'ordine e del tuo pacco.

5.Fiscal Document and / or Electronic Invoice

Would you like the electronic tax invoice?
A) Regulations in force since 1 January 2019 (Italy & EU).
The Law 2018 (ex Legislative Decree 127/2015) provides for the introduction of the electronic invoice obligation and starting from 1 January 2019 will be mandatory for anyone who requests it (B2B - B2C) - Article 4 bis of the decree 193/2016, when converting into law 225/2016.

B) Rules in force from 1 September 2018 (Non-EU).
Article 4 bis of Decree 193/2016, during the conversion of the 225/2016 law
Electronic invoice issuing for anyone who requests it (B2B - B2C), for travelers residing outside the EU, if the amount exceeds 155 euros (tax free shopping).

For B2B Customers (with VAT Patita) requesting an Electronic Tax Invoice:
During the purchase process on KEREK, fill in all the fields related to "Company Name" and "VAT Number". And then in the notes field (or in the appropriate space) enter the address of the Certified Electronic Mail (PEC) and the SDI. In this way you will receive the Electronic Tax Invoice.
NB: If you do not follow exactly this procedure, you will NOT be able to change the invoice after shipping the order. And in this case you will receive only a classic "Fiscal Document" of the items purchased. Thanks for collaboration

For B2C Customers requesting an Electronic Tax Invoice:
Article 21 or 21 bis of Presidential Decree 633/72. the customer must also communicate the tax code in addition to the personal data. These data are mandatory, also because they are checked by the ES and in case of incorrect valuation the invoice is discarded. SNon is necessary to indicate the "Recipient Code" as it will be automatically valued with "0000000". With this indication the invoice is stored by the ES in a dedicated area of ​​the tax payer and can be viewed directly on the Agency's website. Thanks for collaboration

Have you placed an order and can not find the Fiscal Document?
Check the messages at the email address indicated in your personal account. KereK only sends the receipt of your order by post.

GRPD (Article 6 of the RGPD in effect from 25 May 2018)
As a result of the GRPD Law, we inform you that all your data are custodians in an electronic archive of KereK Offices, which will never be disclosed and that the end user will be able to access all data by logging into our ecommerce portal, consulting and deleting them at any time

We inform you that some Partners (according to your tax regime) can be excluded from the FFE issue and therefore not obliged to use this billing method. In this case, you will receive the classic Fiscal Document by e-mail, which can be downloaded according to the law.


Meaning of B2B and B2C acronyms:
B2B means Business To Business and refers to a commercial exchange of products or services between companies with a VAT number.
B2C means Business To Consumer and refers to all sales made directly to the final consumer without VAT number.