KereK invites its readers to send their comments and participate in the discussion of news and content published on the portal where permitted. The purpose of the comments is to create an environment in which it is possible to express one's opinion and confront oneself with that of others, enriching the portal with interesting points of view.

To achieve this goal it is necessary that all those who wish to send a comment express their thoughts in a polite way, pertinent to the topic they want to comment on and, above all, respectful of others.

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In general, comments must be:

    lawful, correct and compliant with the law, with the principles of public order and morality
    congruous and relevant to the reference content
    written clearly, well argued and educated
    useful for discussion and unwritten in order to limit the full and use of the service by other users

They are not accepted and therefore the comments will be obscured:

    of an offensive, insulting, defamatory, sarcastic, libelous, erotic, pornographic, pedopornographic, blasphemous and vulgar nature.
    that instigate hatred, violence, racism.
    that encourage behavior in any way illegitimate or with the purpose of causing disturbance to public or private peace
    violating the right of intellectual, industrial or other property rights of third parties and legal regulations in force
    whose purpose is simply to chat with other users
    meaningless and not relevant to the topic of the reference article
    that harass, insult, diminish, threaten or assault another user or the author of the article, or that aim to provoke and create aggressive reactions among users
    duplicates of comments previously posted
    self-promotional or written in order to bring economic advantages
    containing links to websites, personal or e-commerce (without authorization)

User accounts that repeatedly violate the Netiquette rules may be temporarily or permanently disabled.