Loyalty Points

Accumulation of points

To accumulate loyalty points, it is sufficient to make purchases on our site.

In the pages of presentation of the products is indicated to how many loyalty points the purchase corresponds.

The points will be credited when the item is received by the customer (if this data is visible from the online tracking), otherwise after about 15 days from the shipment.


Transformation of points into discount code

When the points are credited, it will be sufficient to log in to your account and consult the "My loyalty points" section.

On the page there will be the button "" Turn my points into a voucher from ... ", in this way an alphanumeric code will be generated to insert as a discount code in the next purchases.

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Use of discount codes

When the discount code has been generated, you will see the discount code in the "My loyalty points" section or in the "My vouchers" section.

To use it and then receive a discount on the purchase it will be sufficient to enter the discount code in the Shopping Cart Summary under the item voucher.

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