Who are us?

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KereK is a multi-sector company with international shipments, with the spirit of the initiative, resourcefulness and perseverance! a continuous experimentation, in which realities and styles come together in ideas on the possible solutions of living, design and lifestyle.

KereK a name that can mean nothing in reality is a palindrome and therefore can be read from left to right that from right to left, but in addition to the play of words contains an ancient origin and a true meaning.

Hungarian branch name assumes the various meanings of: round, round ... round. It is precisely this that I discover to create a closed circle between us and the end customer, to follow him from the beginning until the end of the transaction and to be sure of the maximum satisfaction. Aim that KereK aims to achieve!

Also going back to the Celtic language, KereK is an ancestral word with the meaning "Monkey". In fact KereK was born under the sign of the Monkey, the Chinese horoscope, with a very frenetic, enterprising, with great determination, desire to do and get involved, always curious and sociable ...

KereK makes these qualities its philosophy by offering the best reliability, reliability and competence in a rapidly expanding sector. Also with the use of a palindrome we want to create a "circle" in order that anyone who chooses KereK is not abandoned but has the certainty of a support until the end of their experience with us!

Among KereK objectives:
  • Exclusive and sought-after products
  • Products of the highest quality
  • Excellent customer service
  • Money back guarantee within 15 days


Kerek carefully and scrupulously selects its suppliers in order to have the security of a product always ready for delivery in addition to the scrupulous revision before their sale.

Our team

In search of perfection

Professionalism is in its humility and in the strength of consistency and determination. This is why our team is constantly updated and trained in order to satisfy every customer request. We firmly believe that the online system must be a pleasant experience for the customer and like all we also hate the phone calls and neurotic musichette or even unsatisfactory answers! on this awareness we want to focus our resources in a single direct line of communications entirely, ie via chat or email. This makes it possible to receive brief, certain and sure answers in a very short time.

The Best Testimonial

"I was looking for the perfume of Maria Candida Gentile and in a short time I received an answer on its availability and the best quotation on the market. Very happy in 2 days the courier rang the door to give me my beloved Cinabre EDP. "


"I'm skeptical about buying online, but the ease and intuitiveness of the online procedure has made it possible to get the best experience on the web."


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