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    Black and white truffle

    Online sale of preserved truffles and products and processed with truffles such as oil, sauces, creams, pâté, mousse or even chocolate. The excellence of our territory designed to make your gourmet dishes. Specialized in the collection with Lagotto Romagnoli dogs and marketing of the White and Black Truffle. Take home the "sun" of Sicily.

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      This product provides evasion after 24-48 working hours after receipt of payment. As a fresh product it must be collected by our quarry workers and then be prepared, packaged and shipped. Your wait will be rewarded for receiving a high quality product! Thank you.

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      Very thin slices of Sicilian Black Truffle (scorzone) suitable for meat, risotto, pasta, pizzas and salads. A tasty idea for your Gourmet ideas!

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      Fettine sottilissime di  Tartufo Nero (scorzone) siciliano adatti per la preparazioni di carni, risotti, pasta, pizze ed insalate. Un'idea gustosa per le vostre idee Gourmet!

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      Bring the goodness and specialties of Central Sicily to the table!Try it now, experiment in the kitchen with KereK's Bio Food Gourmet!Gourmet Deluxe 20pcs + 500g, Gastronomic Specialties Sicily: Almonds, Truffle Oil, honey, figs, cream, pate, chocolate

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      Intense aroma, slightly cheesy, gives personality to dishes even when used in small quantities. Wanted, precious, from identifiers! Unique gift idea of its kind much appreciated.Mixed pieces (different sizes).

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      The greedy of all ages have never pronounced the name of the truffle without bringing the hand to the hat. (Alexandre Dumas)

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      Very intense, phenolic, iodine tincture, which fades quickly after harvesting, but with a certain persistence to the nose. The taste is intense, slightly bitter, which becomes pleasant with cooking. Harvesting period from 1 September to 31 January.

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